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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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The Immortals (2011)

Yes, I have to admit, they "massacre" Greek Mythology. I am not Greek but I've always been interested in Greek Mythology and I am sure that how they depicted the Gods are wrong.
However, to me, the movie is work of art. Its visually incredible.
Darkness, light and glory are depicted . . . stunningly.

Mickey Rouke, as King Hyperion. how I would like to kill him myself! The son of a bitch is cruel. Well done, not many actor can pull this evil character.

Henry Cavill,as Theseus. One word: Yummy!

Freida Pinto, as Phaeda. Pretty, nice body double, but I am not sure whether they cast the right actress.

Luke Evans, as Zeus. Hottest Zeus I've ever seen in my life. HOT HOT HOT. Even though, I found it a bit off because usually Zeus is depicted as an older gentleman. Anyway, I'll buy this because Zeus rocks in this movie.

Athena, Heracles and Poseidon add great action to this story, although I wouldn't say no to more Gods and if the story line would stick to a more "correct" Greek Mythology.

Over all, I love the Blood, gore, death and cruelness of the Immortals. Incredible. Done with such horror and cruelty, especially the brazen bull torture devices. Costumes are aces as well.

I watched the movie in 3D with my cousin, and throughout the movie, I got pinched, smacked and grab by her. For half of the movie, she has her mouth covered with her hand, out of horror.

Director Tarsem Singh has out done himself. 2 thumbs up. I am a big fan. Movie is well done and its worth watching it in 3D.