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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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boys are stupid

Twilight chronicles

Oh My God, I've been thinking and pondering over these "Twilight" mania.
And yes I am a Twihard - the books!
Love the books, love the romance, gallantry and action. I am always a big of the supernatural anyway.

BUT, a big fat but, the movies suck!
Kristen Stewart CAN NOT act! I am sorry to say that. She is very beautiful though I have to admit, BUT SHE CAN NOT ACT.
I shake my head ad cover my eyes with my hand when I was watching it at the cinema, with my then boyfriend who is now my husband.

After the movie, I said to him" I am sorry you have to watch that, the books are excellent" and he said to me: " It's OK, its not too bad". Perhaps that is the reason why I married him. He loves me enough to lie to me.

New moon & Eclipse movies are equally painful. Perhaps its the great expectation, since I can't put down the books.

Breaking Dawn part 1. Not as painful, but still cheesy. But definitely better than previous movie. However, I have high hopes for Breaking dawn part 2...

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I liked the books- the way I liked "Harry Potter"- they are not great, but the suspense and the scenario are good enogh to hold the reader's attention. I agree about the movies- they are not good as the books-I didn't like "Harry Potter$ movies too.

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